Wormhole/Wormtube intro screen Wormhole/Wormtube game screen #1
Wormhole/Wormtube intro screen and game screen #1.

Wormhole/Wormtube game screen #2

Wormhole/Wormtube game screen #2.

Wormhole/Wormtube is an original arcade game that uses the Semigraphics-24 mode that was only available on the Coco 1 or 2. It was originally released in early 1983 as Wormhole, from Zeta Software, but it seems to have changed its name later to Wormtube, and then was sold in the UK under the new name by Hornet Software. In the game, you are flying through a wormhole, where you can't hit the walls. There are also gold bars - these, you can collect, but only if you shoot them first so that they are in smaller fragments. You can fly up/down/left/right, and you can also adjust the whole speed of the scrolling, while playing, between 9 different speed levels. You can have up to four players (each take turns), and you can enter names for each, up to 9 characters.

Title: Wormhole originally, later Wormtube

Author: John Bobst

Publisher: Zeta Software (North America), Hornet Software (UK)

Released: early 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1 or 2 ONLY,16K RAM, cassette or disk, joystick.

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