Clickomania! intro screen #1 Clickomania! intro screen #2
Intro screens #1 & 2

Clickomania! intro screen #3 Clickomania! intro screen #4
Intro screens #3 & 4

Clickomania! game screen #1 Clickomania! game screen #2
game screens #1 & 2

Clickomania! is a port of an old Windows 95 game of the same name (originally programmed and released in January 1998 by Matthias Schussler) to the Coco 3 by Todd Wallace, and is his first completed assembly language game for the Coco. While he originally started coding it in 2018 as a way to learn assembly language, when CoVid lockdowns hit and he had more free time, Todd rewrote it from scratch and added some polish to it, including incorporating John Kowalski & Nick Marentes high resolution mouse reading routines (that don't require extra hardware), top 10 high scores saving to disk, etc. You can also play it with "regular" mouse/joystick resolution, if for some reason the high res routines don't work on your Coco 3 or emulator. He also through a QR code on the intro screen that you can use your phone to jump straight to his website.

The object of the game is to try and clear all the color blocks from the screen. You can click on a spot that has at least 2 blocks of the same color touching each other either vertically or horizontally (or a combination of both), and clicking those will cause them to disappear. A single block of a color that isn't touching another of the same color can not be clicked on. Once you do click on some that disappear, the others above it will slide down (and later they will slide left you clear vertical columns. You get more points per block the more that you can clear with a single click, so you have to strategize to get the biggest areas of a single color touching each other in order to get the best scores.

Title: Clickomania!

Author: Todd Wallace

Publisher: Todd Wallace

Released: April 2022

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, joystick or mouse.

Download Clickomania! here.

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