Sea Stalker

Sea Stalker intro screen 1 Sea Stalker intro screen 2
Sea Stalker Intro screens
Sea Stalker sample game screen.

Sea Stalker sample game screen.

Sea Stalker was one of the many Infocom text adventure games that were available for almost every 8 or 16 bit computer platform in the early 1980's. There most famous creation was the Zork series. The Coco versions required disk drives, and came out fairly late compared to some other platforms, but most of them were ported (three of the Zork's, Hitchhiker's Guide, and others). Sea Stalker was one of their "Junior" level games; meaning it was one of the easier ones to solve. Unlike most text adventure games of the time, the Infocom ones were quite rich in text detail, and they had one of the better text parsers.
Your mission in this game is to save the Aquadome - the world's first undersea research station. You do so from your submarine (the Scimitar), and there is a rumor that their is a traitor in the Aquadome...

Title: Sea Stalker

Author: ??? (original version by Stu Galley and Jim Lawrence)

Publisher: Infocom

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2 or 3, 32K RAM, disk only.

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