Intercept 4

Intercept 4 intro screen #1 Intercept 4 intro screen #2
Intercept 4 intro screens

Intercept 4 in orbit game screen

Intercept 4 level 1 (in orbit) game screen

Intercept 4 is a rather complex, and original, space game. There are a couple of stages to it... the stage pictured above is when you have to shoot down enemy spaceships while in orbit above the planet. It requires BOTH joysticks simultaneously; one positions the crosshairs left/right and up/down, while the other is the distance that the shot will explode. Since the ships are coming in from a distance, you have to hit them at the right distance, not just by aim.

Once you have completed clearing out the ships in orbit, you can fly down to the colonies below, where you have to destroy enemy ships and rescue the colonists. There is more than one colony, and all of them can get attacked at once, so you have to be quick flying between the colonies. A fairly involved game.

J. Weaver has contacted me, and mentioned that their is, in fact, a third level as well; in this level you take on the Mothership (from where all the aliens have been launched). If you manage to defeat the mothership, you got a LARGE bonus based on the number of colonists and colonies you had saved from the previous stages.

Title: Intercept 4

Author: J. Weaver Jr. and John L. Stahl (Factory Programming)

Publisher: Computer Shack/Michtron

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, tape or disk, 2 joysticks.


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