Beanstalker intro screen Beanstalker level 1
Beanstalker intro screen & level 1
Beanstalker level 2 Beanstalker level 3
Beanstalker levels 2&3.
Beanstalker level 4 Beanstalker level 5
Beanstalker levels 4&5.
Beanstalker level 6 Beanstalker level 7
Beanstalker levels 6&7.

Beanstalker is a Lode Runner style game, originally written for the Dragon 32/64 and the UK/European market. In it, you control you human running around trying to gather treasures, while avoiding several different types of monsters, that change each level. It does have some slightly different digging mechanics than the game it is based on (like digging to the side underneath some ground), and the monsters do not always pick up the treasures, but other than that it is pretty close. Since it was originally designed for the Dragon, it is meant to be played in 256x192 monochrome, making it perfect for the Coco 3 and RGB monitor. Beanstalker contains 60 different levels, and on later levels you have to really plan your route, with hidden traps, multi-level digs to get to the treasures, etc. A very good Lode Runner game.

Title: Beanstalker

Author: Roy Coates

Publisher: Micro Vision

Released: 1986

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 32K RAM, tape or disk, joystick optional.

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