War Monger

War Monger intro screen #1 War Monger intro screen #2
War Monger intro screens. The Sundog log actually flows onto the screen, at first stretched, gradually shrinking down to what you see here... a very cool effect.
War Monger main menu War Monger game start menu
War Monger main and game start menu screens
War Monger game play screen War Monger game map screen
War Monger game play and game map screens
War Monger icon design screen War Monger game play screen #2
War Monger icon design, and alternative game play screen

War Monger is a war strategy game with a TON of options. Although it wasn't the first game of it's kind for the Coco 3 (Oblique Triad's Overlord or Sportsware's Wargame Designer II) were out earlier), it was probably the most sophisticated. It allowed you to design your own maps and icons, as well as rules for moving troops. You could even have pieces that could hawl other pieces (ex. planes carrying troops). There are so many options, it is impossible to go into all of them here. You can download the manual below instead of me typing all of the options.

Title: War Monger

Author: Greg Wittmeyer

Publisher: GSW Software (called A World At War originally), then Sundog Systems (as War Monger)

Released: 1989 (GSW Software), 1991 (Sundog Systems)

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, disk ONLY, joystick optional.

Download WARMONGER.ZIP. This contains the 2 .DSK images for the game. Boot off of the first disk, and type LOADM "WAR" to start the game. There are some built in maps/games on the 1st disk, and 4 additional ones on the 2nd disk.

Download the manual (PDF format).

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