Color Panic

Color Panic intro screen #1 Color Panic intro screen #2
Color Panic intro screens
Color Panic game screen #1 Color Panic game screen #2
Color Panic game screens

Color Panic is a clone of the arcade game Space Panic. In it there are multiple platforms, populated with ladders. On all platforms (except the bottom one), you can dig a hole in the floor, and also fill it back up. The object is to kill the baddies by digging a whole, they fall into it and get stuck, and you have to quickly fill it back up over them before they squirm free. If they do squirm free, they mutate to a more powerful shape, and you will have to cause them to fall through multiple holes to first revert them back, and to ultimately kill them. If you can line them up properly, you can have one fall from the top platform straight through to the bottom, and if they have mutated multiple times, you will see them devolve as they fall.

Title: Color Panic

Author: Tom D. & Brett N. Keeton

Publisher: Spectral Associates

Released: late 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 32K RAM, cassette or disk.

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