Gravitor intro screen #1 Gravitor intro screen #2
Gravitor intro screens 1&2
Gravitor game screen #1 Gravitor game screen #2
Gravitor game screens 1&2
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Gravitor game screens 3&4
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Gravitor game screens 5&6

Gravitor is a clone of the arcade game Gravitar, which was a color vector game made by Atari in 1982. Featuring keyboard controls, it controls similar to Asteroids, in that you have keys to turn your ship clockwise and counter-clockwise, and other keys for engine thrust, fire lasers, and activate your shields. (It should be noted that the keys picked are based on the original Coco 1/2 keyboard layout, and are a bit awkward on a Coco 3). Unlike the arcade game, which took great advantage of it's vector display by doing zooming effects as you enter each planet, Gravitor simply display each planet with filled in color terrain and enemy bases to shoot. You have to navigate through some pretty tight spots to get all of the bases, and on one planet you don't shoot enemy bases, but have to navigate the tunnels to a blue square within a time limit (like the arcade . The top center planet I don't believe that you can go to until you have cleaned out all of the other ones.

The game has inertia and gravity effects to make maneuvering even more difficult, and the bases fire at you while you try to fight gravity and not run into walls. The rotation, thrust and laser keys all have key repeat enable which helps somewhat, although rotation happens very quickly so it is hard to line up your aim exactly to where you want it. Your shots have a very limited range too. The sounds effects are quite well done, and once you get used to the controls, it's a faithful adaptation of the arcade original. There is also a practice mode where you literally can fly right through terrain without dying.

One note: While the author's name is on the intro screen, I have not been able to find who published it. If you know, please email me.

Title: Gravitor

Author: L. Dos Santos

Publisher: Prickly Pear Software

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 16K RAM.

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