Cave Hunter

Cave Hunter credits screen Cave Hunter intro screen
Cave Hunter credits & intro screens
Cave Hunter game screen

Cave Hunter game screen

Cave Hunter is an original, and very early 3rd party, game. It will NOT run correctly on a Coco 3, as it uses one of the higher resolution Semigraphics modes that the Coco 3's GIME chip does not support. In the game, you have to navigate the Pacman style maze, avoiding the monsters, to go collect the gold bars at the bottom of the screen. You must then bring them back to your entry point (you can only carry one at a time). You also have red power pills that will allow you to temporarily kill the monsters.

Title: Cave Hunter

Author: Ron Krebs

Publisher: Mark Data Products

Released: December 1981 or January 1982 (first advertised January 1982)

Requires: Color Computer 1 or 2 ONLY, 16K RAM tape or 32K disk, joystick.

Download HUNTER.BIN PLEASE NOTE: this is the Cassette version, and will not work properly with a DISK ROM Coco unless a program like ROML.BIN is used to load it.

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