Blackjack Royale

Blackjack Royale title screen Blackjack Royale Main Menu screen
Blackjack Royale Title and Main Menu screens

Blackjack Royale game screen

Blackjack Royale Game screen

Blackjack Royale was a BASIC Blackjack game, but was more advanced than many others in that you could modify the rules of the game. You could change the number of decks of cards was being used, you could pick how often you were going to shuffle the deck, whether the dealer's hole card was dealt face up or down, and a few other things. Quite suprising that a BASIC game was being sold this late in the Coco's life, especially when Second City Software was also selling things like Ultimuse.

Title: Blackjack Royale

Author: J. M. Nowicki

Publisher: Second City Software

Released: 1988

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3 (Extended BASIC required), 32K RAM, disk or tape.

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