Microchess intro screen Microchess game screen

Microchess, like Checkers, was one of the very first games for the Coco 1 that Radio Shack released. It also featured 8 skill levels, 2 different color sets, either joystick or keyboard for the controls, and only required 4K to run. While the cartridge is labelled as version 2.0, I believe it was cross-platform, and that versions prior to 2.0 only appeared on non-Coco platforms.
The author of Microchess and Checker King has his own webpage, where he has started to detail the history of Personal Software and Chess in particular, including it's original start on the KIM-1 in 1976.

Title: Microchess

Author: Peter Jennings (Personal Software Inc.)

Publisher: Radio Shack/Tandy

Released: 1980

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 4K RAM, cartridge.

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