Snafus intro screen
Intro screen
Snafus game screen #1 Snafus game screen #2
Game screens 1 & #2

Snafus is a machine language game for 1 or 2 players (using joysticks) that is loosely based on the Intellivision game Snafu (from 1981), and is the first that it's author Terry Steen had published. The original game had up to 4 players (including computer players) at once, and a plain background (plus obstacles depending on the game option selected). Terry's version also has several player options - 1 player (where you play versus the computer) or 2 human players, whether you want random obstacle(s) on the screen to dodge around (there are different shapes of obstacles, including a cheeky one that is simply the word &Steen&), and the skill level (which controls both the speed and the number of obstacles). Terry's also has a score grid in the background. In the game, you control your player's colored block (orange or blue, depending on which player and what the artifact colors are set to) and move between points squares (worth 100 to 500 points each). You can not hit an obstacle, nor hit any squares that the other player has cleared out with their color, or your own trail of squares (so a bit like a Tron light cycle type of vibe). Unlike Tron style games, you can also move diagonally (as you can on the Intellivision original as well).

Title: Snafus

Author: Terry Steen

Publisher: T&D Software

Released: February 1984 issue (#20)

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, joystick.

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