F-16 Assault

F-16 Assault Intro screen F-16 Assault Intro screen 2
F-16 Assault intro screens 1 and 2
F-16 Assault Intro screen 3 (Speech Pack) F-16 Assault High score screen (hacked)
F-16 Assault intro screen 3 and High score screen (hacked)

F-16 Assault game screenshot

F-16 Assault game screen

F-16 Assault is an arcade style game, where you are an F-16 fighter jet which can both shoot and bomb. You fly over a large map of lakes, penisulas, etc., trying to destroy the enemy planes and helicoptors even before they take off, or in a dogfight if you don't destroy the runways or aircraft carriers in time. The game has a lot of nicely done detailed graphics.

A side note: from what I remember, this game had a slight problem when the Coco 3 originally came out, in that the extra memory addresses that the GIME used basically overwrote a small portion of the map, causing the very beginning of the game to be rather hectic with a ton of helicopter launch pads.

Title: F-16 Assault

Author: Kevin Hoare

Publisher: Diecom Products

Released: 1986

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 64K RAM tape or disk, joystick.

You can download a few versions of F-16 Assault, including a 6309 optimized version, and the manual.

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