Rush'N Assault

Rush'N Assault intro screen 1 Rush'N Assault intro screen 2
Rush'N Assault intro screens
Rush'N Assault game screen 1 - start of the game Rush'N Assault game screen 2
Rush'N Assault game screens - the start of the game, and a little later on.
Rush'N Assault game screen 3
Rush'N Assault game screen - you meet more enemies later on in the game, such as this tank.

Rush'N Assault is a clone of the arcade game Ikari Warriors. In it, you play an army commando, and have to raid an enemy stronghold using both guns and grenades (which you can launch over walls that protect your enemies from normal gunfire). You have limited quantities of each, so you have to pick more of them up as you play. A fun part of the game is that the two player mode has you both playing at the same time, so you form a team to raid the enemy fortress. The game does actually end when you make it the final fortress and rescue the Prisoners of War (POW's), and receive 50,000 bonus points.

The downloadable version here is a cracked copy, with a practice mode (infinite life) added to it, but with the credits restored to the original game.

Title: Rush'N Assault

Author: Dave Dies

Publisher: Diecom Products

Released: 1988

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 64K RAM, disk, joystick (2 button joystick optional, but helpful.

Download RUSHNASSAULT.ZIP. This contains the .DSK image with both the game itself (LOADM"RUSH" to run), and some instructions (RUN"RUSHINST;" to view).

Download the manual.

Download optimized 6809 or 6309 versions from the TRS-80 Color Computer Archive

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