Grand Prix

Grand Prix Intro screen Grand Prix

Grand Prix is a clone of the arcade hit Pole Position. It was one of the later games that Intracolor put out, and was a single player game only. While it's graphics and single course layout made it somewhat inferior to Speed Racer, it did beat out that game in controls; besides the standard push-the-joystick-forward to accelerate, it also used the joystick button to switch between hi and low gears, and you couldn't get moving at all unless you were in low gear. The biggest disappointment for me in the game is the corners; they switch so fast that it ruins the illusion of driving somewhat.

Title: Grand Prix

Author: David W. Clark, sound by Bob Miller

Publisher: Intracolor

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, joystick, cassette or disk.

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