3-D Brickaway

3-D Brickaway intro screenshot 3-D Brickaway game screenshot
3-D Brickaway start of game and in game screenshots - note that once you take out your first brick, the color set changes.

3-D_Brickaway is a 3 dimensional version of Breakout. Viewing down a square tunnel, with your paddle nearest you, and the bricks at the far end of the tunnel, you must bounce the ball and take out all of the bricks at the end, using your joystick.

Easter Egg: If you look closely at the ball when it is nearest your paddle and you don't hit it, it will say 'Oops!'. Just before this point (whether you hit it successfully or not), it will say different words as it gets closer to you: 'It', 'is', 'fun' and '!'.

Title: 3-D Brickaway

Author: Britt Monk

Publisher: Britt Monk and then Avalon Hill

Released: 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, joystick, tape or disk.

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