Stellar Life Line

Stellar Life Line Intro screen 1 Stellar Life Line Intro screen 2

Stellar Life Line intro screens

Stellar Life Line Game screen

Stellar Life Line level 1 game screen

Stellar Life Line is an original game by Steve Bjork that was sold in cartridge form through Radio Shack. The premise is for you to protect a convoy of 6 fuel ships as you traverse across the entire space lane (see the radar at the bottom of the game screenshot). There are 3 levels; the first level (pictured above) consists of meteors that you must destroy before they hit your convoy ships. On later levels, actual alien craft are added to the mix, and some of them will steal the convoy ships, splitting your convoy all over the place, and making it very difficult to guard them all.

Title: Stellar Life Line

Author: Steve Bjork (SRB Software)

Publisher: Radio Shack/Tandy Corp.

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, cartrudge

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