Return of the Jeti

Return of the Jeti intro screen Return of the Jeti level 1
Return of the Jeti intro and level 1 screen.
Return of the Jeti level 2 Return of the Jeti level 3
Return of the Jeti levels 2 and 3.

Return of the Jeti is based on the movie Return of the Jedi... particularily the sequences involving the Ewoks. The first, and most fun, level is level 1. In this level, you are flying through the forest, and you have to dodge trees, rescue Ewoks, and kill the enemy flyers by either shooting them (if they get ahead of you), or ramming them into trees. After a bit of this, you proceed to level 2, where you have to fly through several walls with small doorways in them. On the final, and third, level, you have to shoot the dead center of the satellite station before you run into it. A fun game that fit into 16K, and I believe the first one put out by Thundervision.

Title: Return of the Jeti

Author: ???

Publisher: Thundervision

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, cassette or disk, joystick.

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