Conflict intro screen Conflict game screen #1
Conflict intro & game screen #1
Conflict game screen #2 Conflict game screen #3
Conflict game screens #2 & 3

Conflict is both one of the first commercial games from Soft Sector Marketing, who were a much larger player in the TRS-80 Model I/III space, although they did do multiple Coco games as well. This game was written in BASIC and is a two player strategy game where you try to take over planets that are either independent or being run by the other player. Like some other games of this type, each player takes their turn (hopefully with the other player out of the room during that time), sending attacks to other planets, moving troops around, etc.

Title: Conflict

Author: M. Shanto & S. Loy

Publisher: Soft Sector Marketing

Released: 1981

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 16K RAM, cassette or disk.

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