Crash Intro screen Crash Screen 1
Crash Intro screen and screen 1
Crash Screen 2

Crash Screen 2
Note: there are 4 game screens - the other screenshots will come later.

Crash is a unique game from Tom Mix Software that stars Mario from Donkey King. Basically, you have to navigate through four screens as you did in Donkey King, but the gameplay itself is totally different. You "throw" vines across chasms, that you climb across, dropping down onto suspended platforms to gather objects for points. If you fall off in the wrong spot, you will die. Adding to this, on the first screen, you have to dodge spiders that decend from the top on their webs, and a bouncing critter that bounces from platform to platform from the top of the screen to the bottom. On the second screen, you can jump over some of the monsters.

Although I am not sure on this, I believe that Crash must call some routines from the Extended Basic ROMS, as it does not run as fast or smooth as a fully ML game usually does. It does have 4-part harmony music in spots, though.

Title: Crash

Author: Michel & Rejean Desjardins

Publisher: Tom Mix Software

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM cassette or disk, joystick.

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