At Risk

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At Risk game screens 1&2
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At Risk game screens 3&4
At Risk game screen 5

At Risk game screen 5

At Risk is a Coco 3 only game written in BASIC, that is a joystick controlled 3-6 human player version of the popular board game RISK by Hasbro. It uses 16 color graphics to color the territories and players armies, which are represented by color squares (and the more black ticks or lines within those squares signifies how strong the armies are there). The game starts with a random distribution of minimal armies for each player, and then the players pass around the single joystick to pick where to put there "extra" armies are to go, taking turns so they can strategize against their opponents. Once all pieces are placed, then the players take turns selecting one of 3 menu options (shown on the upper left): Attack, Move (or end turn) and Save/Exit). When attacking, after selecting which adjacent territory to attack, the attacking player rolls 1-3 dice, and the defender rolls 1-2 dice to defend. The rolls affect how successful the attack is. The move option lets players move armies around between territories under their control. Later in the game there are also Risk cards that players accumulate, which can be used by players to trade in for more armies.

One nice feature is the RISKEDIT utility included with the game. This lets you custom edit (or just view) a saved game state (of which you can have multiple ones). This also allows you to set up custom scenarios to play with, as well as starting games from scratch. A "SAMPLE" game scenario is included as well.

Title: At Risk

Author: Rick Ulland

Publisher: CoNect

Released: 1988 (some minor bug fixes in 2021-2022)

Requires: Color Computer 3 ONLY, 128K RAM, joystick, disk.

Download ATRISK.ZIP (contains ATRISK03.DSK image).

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