Snake Pit

Snake Pit intro screen 1 Snake Pit intro screen 2
Snake Pit Intro screens
Snake Pit level 1 intro screen Snake Pit level 1 game screen
Snake Pit Level 1 intro and game screens. Other levels will come later.

Snake Pit is one of many games that had you steering a snake, trying to trap other snakes (something like the Light Cycles sequence from the Tron video game). Some updates to that standard concept are that you can have more than just one opponent, and that your opponent(s) occasionally leave eggs behind that hatch into other snakes if you don't eat them fast enough. Like most versions, if you collide with the outside wall, the other snakes, or your own tail, you die.

Title: Snake Pit

Author: Steve Bjork

Publisher: SRB Software and Game Point Software

Released: 1989

Requires: Color Computer 1,2 or 3 with 64K RAM, disk only, joystick.

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