Exeter intro screen

Exeter intro screen
Exeter screen #1 Exeter screen #2
Exeter screenshot 1 and 2
Exeter screen #3 Exeter screen #4
Exeter screenshot 3 and 4
Exeter screen #5 Exeter screen #6
Exeter screenshot 5 and 6
Exeter screen #7

Exeter screenshot #7

Exeter is a Coco 3 only Dungeons & Dragons dungeon crawl game, with Coco 3 16 color graphics, loosely based on the classic Akalabeth. Featuring much more enhanced graphics (filled walls and monster shapes versus wireframe, ladders whose view to you changes depends on the angle you are facing them, etc.), it is written mostly in BASIC, with some assembly language subroutines. It also features some enhancements when played on a 512k or higher Coco 3. It is completely driven by the keyboard (single key commands) and also includes a save/restore game feature. You start the game with a randomly rolled character and some cash, and you get to outfit your warrior from the market place by buying weapons, armor, food, etc. The 3D graphics are quite well done, featuring doors, ladders, pits, chests and various monsters, some of which even have some animations. There are hidden passages (that look like plain walls) that you can search for (or just run through), and other hidden things. A very well done game, especially for being in BASIC and being released this early in the Coco 3's lifetime from a 3rd party source (in Australia, no less). It hsould be noted that there is a tiny bit of lag due to it being written in BASIC.

Title: Exeter

Author: G.J. Doak

Publisher: Blaxland Computer Services Pty Ltd. (Australia)

Released: 1988

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM (512K recommended), disk.

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