Pick Which

Pick Which intro screen 1 Pick Which intro screen 2
Pick Which intro screen screens
Pick Which game screen 1 Pick Which game screen 2
Pick Which game screens 1&2. The left is from selecting a map tile (to show what is in all of the 16 positions), the right shows zooming between tiles
Pick Which game screen 3 Pick Which game screen 4
Pick Which game screens 3&4. The left shows the "Outdoor scene" (see below), and the high scoreboard

Pick Which is an original game (the 2nd Coco game by Dale Lear), supporting 1 to 4 players, where you drill down through sets of 16 tiles (icons), and you have a time limit (starting at a few seconds) to highlight a tile (you can only see 1 at a time by hovering the joystick/mouse over it). You can pick any tile by moving the joystick, but once the time runs out, that tile is selected, and you "zoom" in to the next set of 16 randomly selected tiles, and you repeat the process. There are tiles worth points (both negative and positve), as well as special tiles; since they are somewhat random, you can get duplicates, or be missing some, within each 16 tile selection you get to.
Below is a list of the tiles (my names for them anyways; if anyone has the original instructions with the official names, please email me).

Special Tiles:
Map: - gives a map of all 16 current tiles and their positions (looks sort of like a four color checkerboard)
? (question mark): - Picks a random tile "on your behalf"
Outdoor Scene: - Plays a little tune; worth 0 points (meant to allow the player a very brief breather)
Sad Face: - Causes you to lose 10 points
Scissors: - Cuts your current score in half
Magnifying Glass: - Increases your current score by 1/4
Stop Sign: - Ends the game

Regular point scoring tiles:
Ice Cream Cone: - 10 points
Kiss: - 10 points
Sun: - 20 points
Key: - 30 points
Golden Chalice: - 50 points
Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow: - 100 points

Title: Pick Which

Author: Dale Lear

Publisher: Spectral Associates

Released: 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM tape or disk, joystick or mouse.

Download DALELEAR_DSK.ZIP. This DSK image contains all 4 of Dale's games.

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