Danger Ranger

Danger Ranger Intro

Danger Ranger Intro screen
Danger Ranger Screen #1 Danger Ranger Screen #2
Danger Ranger levels 1 & 2

Danger Ranger marked the return of Ken Kalish to programming original games, after a brief foray into arcade clones (such as Trapfall (a Pitfall clone) and Monkey Kong (a Donkey Kong clone that only required 16K). There are 2 screens in Danger Ranger that one has to go through, and each time you cycle through them again, they get tougher by adding more monsters/obstacles. In the game, one can run left/right, shoot, jump or duck.

On the first screen (seen above left), one must collect all of the keys, while dodging the bats (shown), and the roving eyes which shoot at you from the sides of the screens (not shown on this screenshot). If you miss some keys while navigating to the bottom, you will have to hit the elevator pad at the center of the bottom platform, which will shoot you back up to the top.

On the 2nd screen, you must collect the treasure chests, while dodging the acid blobs that come at you from both the top and bottom of the screen, and you have to shoot the death masks to get by them, by jumping and firing at the same time.

Interesting side note: Ken was originally going to call the game "Master Blaster".

Title: Danger Ranger

Author: Ken Kalish

Publisher: Med Systems/Screenplay

Released: 1983 (Written November, 1982)

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, joystick, tape or disk.


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