Panic Button

Panic Button intro screen #1 Panic Button intro screen #2
Panic Button intro screens.
Panic Button game screen #1 Panic Button game screen #2
Panic Button game screens 1 and 2.

Panic Button is an original arcade style game by First Star Software. Originally released on both the Vic-20 and the Coco by First Star itself, it was soon licensed to Radio Shack, and sold as a cartridge game. The object of the game is to assemble the various parts into the correct final product, and you have to assemble them in order, by catching the various pieces as they travel down the conveyor belts. You also have a Panic Button (seen in the upper right of the above right screenshot) that will temporarily halt the production line, and give you a little bit of time to catch up. After you complete your order (which is so many of whatever object your are building), then you progress to the next level, which becomes faster and faster.

Panic Button, while still being sold directly by First Star Software, was one of the few titles that were not from Radio Shack that were availble in cartridge format.

Title: Panic Button

Author: Paul Kanevsky

Publisher: First Star Software Inc. (later distributed by Tandy Corp.)

Released: late 1983 on disk and cassette by First Star, re-released 1985 by Tandy on cartridge

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 16K RAM, joystick.

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