Yahtzee (80 column version)

Yahtzee (80 column) intro screen

Yahtzee (Coco 3 80 column version) intro screen
Yahtzee (80 column) game screen

Yahtzee (Coco 3 80 column version) game screen

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Yahtzee is the famous board game, redone from an IBM PC version for the Coco 3, in the 640x192x4 graphics mode. It features from 1 to 6 players, of which one can be computer controlled. It follows the board rules closely, and has a nicely presented screen layout with the scorecard built in. This was a very early freeware release for the Coco 3, dating to the very beginning of 1987.

Title: Yahtzee (80 column version)

Author: Jim Peasley (Based on PC version by Patrick Leabo, which was based on early version by JL Helms & MF Pezok, June 1979)

Publisher: Freeware release (Compuserve)

Released: January 1987

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, cassette or disk,.

Please note: This is a tokenized BASIC program.

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