Gun Fighter

Gun Fighter intro screen Gun Fighter game screen #1
Gun Fighter intro and game screen #1.
Gun Fighter game screen #2 Gun Fighter game screen #3
Gun Fighter game screens 2 & 3.

Gun Fighter is a colorized version of an old 1977 black and white arcade game called Boot Hill (originally by Midway - and itself was based on an even earlier Midway game called Gun Fight from 1975). In it two players, with a limited number of shots, try to shoot each other (you can both move around and fire in 8 directions). Bullets can go through the cactus, bounce off the boulders, and get absorbed by the moving wagon. Each round has a random assortment and quantity of each of these. Each player can only navigate around their half of the screen (left or right), and both players have to use up all of their bullets before they automatically get reloaded. The first player to get 12 kills wins. Quite faithful to the original arcade game, but with added features like color and 4 voice musical interludes (which you can shut off). The bottom shows the number of bullets left in your six shooter, and how many times you have been killed.

Title: Gun Fighter

Author: Terry A. Steen

Publisher: T&D Software, Issue #43 (January 1985)

Released: 1985 (programmed 1984)

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, 2 joysticks.

Download Gun Fighter here.

Download the instruction sheet for the January 1985 T&D tape, which includes Gun Fighter instructions.

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