Mind-Roll intro screen (Coco 3) Mind-Roll intro screen #2
Mind-Roll intro screens (Coco 3 graphics)
Mind-Roll intro screen (Coco 1/2) Mind-Roll plane 2 game screen (Coco 1/2 version)
Mind-Roll intro and Plane 2 game screen (Coco 1/2 version)
Mind-Roll plane 1 game screen Mind-Roll plane 2 game screen
Mind-Roll Planes 1 & 2 game screens
Mind-Roll plane 3 game screen Mind-Roll plane 4 game screen
Mind-Roll Planes 3 & 4 game screens
Mind-Roll plane 5 game screen Mind-Roll plane 6 game screen
Mind-Roll Planes 5 & 6 game screens
Mind-Roll plane 7 game screen Mind-Roll plane 8 game screen
Mind-Roll Planes 7 & 8 game screens
Mind-Roll plane 9 game screen Mind-Roll plane 10 game screen
Mind-Roll Planes 9 & 10 game screens

Mind-Roll is an original maze style game, that appeared on several platforms (PC and Amiga) before it came to the Coco, and was also called Quedex on some platforms when it was first released in 1987. The Coco cartridge is a "fat binary" cartridge... it contains both the Coco 1/2 and the Coco 3 specfic versions (see screenshots above).
The basic premise to the game is that you have a time limit in which to solve a plane, by getting to the finish area. You steer the 8-Ball around to do so, and in most levels you can also jump. There are all kinds of obstacles in your path: bonus shapes, deadly shapes, one way pipes, acid pools, invisible walls, etc. You also occasionally have to pick up keys and amulets as well. Some planes actually have sub-planes as well that you must go through. I nice thing about the game is that you can start on any plane; you do not have to go through them all to try a higher level one out. The square marked 'GOAL' is usually the one you have to land on before time runs out...

Title: Mind-Roll

Author: Jesse Taylor (tested by Erik Flom and Scott Duckett) (Epyx Software). Original version by Thalamus, Ltd., 1987-1988, also called Quedex.

Publisher: Tandy/Radio Shack

Released: 1989

Requires: Color Computer 1/2 (64K RAM) or Coco 3 (128K RAM), cartridge, joystick optional.

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