Splinter Intro screen #1 Splinter Intro screen #2
Splinter Intro screens 1 &2

Xenion game screen #1 Splinter game screen #2
Splinter game screens 1 &2

Splinter is a Coco 3 only game that Jamie Lee Cho originally wrote in assembly language in 1988 but then revisited in 2015. This was not only to learn more about implementing low level math routines, but also to use Pierre Serrazin's CMOC compiler, which is what this version was written under. Jamie even has the CMOC Source Code (link) available for download on his Github page .

The game is pretty simple - a Coco 3 version of Breakout, played sideways. One slightly odd choice is that it is completely keyboard driven (no joystick or mouse). The keys respond quickly so that you can move your paddle across the entire height of the screen very quickly, but this is also it's fault; it's hard to stop it in the exact right spot to hit the ball. The "english" on the ball also seems a little odd, although hitting the ball on the center of the paddle makes the ball go straight horizontally, and hitting it on the edge makes it skew vertically (but I am not sure that it is taking into consideration the movement speed and direction of the paddle). A good showing for a very early Coco 3 CMOC game.

Title: Splinter

Author: Jamie Lee Cho

Publisher: Jamie Lee Cho

Released: 1988 (original ML version), 2015 (CMOC version)

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM

Download Splinter DSK image and manual here (click DOWNLOAD for the DSK image itself on the page).

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