Catacomb (Coco 3 only/L. Miller version)

Catacomb screenshot

Catacomb was one of the early Coco 3 games available from such online services as Delphi and Compuserve. It is not to be confused with an earlier game for the Coco 1/2 with the same name, that was put out by Oregon Color Computer Systems in 1983.

The game is very loosely based on the arcade game Gauntlet, in that you are an adventurer exploring a catacomb, collecting treasures, and avoiding monsters. The main difference is that you can not shoot at anyone; you literally have to dodge the monsters as the game scrolls by. The game appears to have been written in BASIC, with an Machine Language wrapper around it. It had some nicely drawn shapes and backgrounds in it, although it ran a little slow and choppy.

Title: Catacomb

Author: L. Miller

Publisher: Free/Shareware release

Released: 1987?

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, disk, joystick.

Download CATACOMB.ARC - you will need TC3.BIN off of the main page to extract.

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