Colorzap Intro screen Colorzap

Colorzap is a clone of the arcade game Space Zap. A fairly simple game, where you are the gun turret in the middle, and you must fire on attackers that will shoot at you from your four sides. You have to shoot both their shots, and their ships. If you take too long, they will disappear. There is a also a special ship that circles you, that you can only shoot when it is lined up with one of your four firing directions.

You also cannot just hold the firebutton down and whip the joystick around to zap everything... or your gun will overheat. So, you also have to pick your shots, which gets quite difficult when the ships are moving fast and appearing often.

Title: Colorzap

Author: James Yee

Publisher: Spectral Associates

Released: 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM cassette or disk, joystick.

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