Across the Rubicon

Across the Rubicon intro screen Across the Rubicon game screen 1
Across the Rubicon intro and instruction screens
Across the Rubicon game screen 2

Across the Rubicon game screen

Across the Rubicon is the first of a series low res graphics based war game simulations put out by Ark Royal Games, and is the genre of game they definitely specialized in. As with all of their war games, Across the Rubicon is based on real events (this one on the Battle for the Huertgen Forest, from World War II). In it, you control a mixture of different troop types (you get to pick the number of each, within a certain range, when you begin the game). You control the troop movements (each "turn" is approximately 3 days of time based on the original, real battles). It features four levels of difficulty, and also shows a low resolution map of the playfield. The manual was 15 pages, and quite detailed.
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Title: Across the Rubicon

Author: Phil Keller

Publisher: Ark Royal Games

Released: August 6, 1982 (original 16K version)

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K (first version) or 32K RAM (later versions), Extended BASIC, tape or disk.

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