Instrument Flight Simulator

Instrument Flight Simulator screen

Instrument Flight Simulator game screen

Instrument Flight Simulator is an instrument only hi-res flight simulator. It is written in Extended BASIC. Two versions of this program appeared in Rainbow magazine; the one pictured here is the first, 16K version from the June, 1983 issue; it featured up to 10 stations. The August, 1984 updated version required 32K, and allowed up to 26 stations, added a course deviation indicator, allowed landing spots at other than sea level, and (optionally) labelled all your instruments on screen.

Title: Instrument Flight Simulator

Author: William G. Franklin

Publisher: Rainbow Magazine

Released: 16K version: Programmed 1982, published June 1983; 32K version:Programmed July 1983, published August 1984.

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM Extended BASIC (version 1) or 32K RAM Extended BASIC (version 2), tape or disk.

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