Rupert Rythym: The Music Box Caper

Rupert Rythym intro screen

Rupert Rythym intro screen.
Rupert Rythym main game screen Rupert Rythym room #1 screen
Rupert Rythym main game, and level 1 screens. NOTE: Screenshots of the other rooms will come later.

Rupert Rythym is an original arcade game, with some similarities in concept to the arcade hit Q*Bert. In this game, you have a "master" screen, with doors to the other 16 rooms. In these 16 rooms, there are multiple platforms and elevators scattered around... you must change the floor color (similiar to Q*Bert) by walking over it, while dodging monsters (you can't kill them). You also have a timer running, that subtracts points the longer it takes you to complete a screen. You do have firecrackers to scare off your opponents, and Pep pills that allow you to temporarily walk over your opponents without dieing. You also can not fall too far off of a platform, or you will die as well. Once you complete an entire room, you receive a small chunk of percussive music. After completing all 16 screens, you assemble the percussive chunks to make a complete song, and you get a little mini-concert.

Title: Rupert Rythym: The Music Box Caper

Author: Nickolas Marentes

Publisher: Now self-published, previously Game Point Software (in the U.S./Canada) and Tandy (Australia)

Released: 1988

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, tape or disk, joystick.

Download RUPERT.ZIP (Contains RUPERT.DSK image). Type RUN "RUPERT" to run.

If you would rather get a 2 .DSK set with all of Nick's freely available games, and menu driven to boot, please download them from Nick's own page.

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