Snake Byte

Snake Byte level 0 Snake Byte level 1
Snake Byte level 0 and 1 game screens
Snake Byte editor (with level 3 map)

Snake Byte Editor with level 3 map loaded.

Snake Byte is a game where you are a snake trying to eat randomly placed eggs (one at a time on the screen), while dodging a moving Bug, and (in later levels) working your way around obstacles at the same time. You have to eat 10 eggs to get to the next level, and for each egg you eat, your tail grows longer. If you collide with your own tail, the Bug, or any walls, you die. The game comes with 15 levels built in, and a nice bonus is that it also comes with a level editor so that you can add your own.
The game was written in C, and used Mike Sweet's graphics library, under OS-9 Level II.

Title: Snake Byte

Author: Domenic Troilo

Publisher: Shareware

Released: 1990

Requires: Color Computer 3 with 128K RAM, OS-9 Level II, disk only

Download SnakeByte.lzh (Contains the game, game editor, 15 levels, and Multivue support files, and instructions).

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