Popcorn intro screen Popcorn game screen
Popcorn intro and game screen.

Popcorn is a clone of the old arcade game Avalanche. This Coco version adds color and sound to the original, but otherwise the game looks and plays identically. The basic object is to catch the popcorn kernals with your pans before they can hit the conveyor belt below. Each time you miss a kernal, you lose a pan, which makes it harder and harder to catch them (you can get pans back as the game progresses as well). A very famous game on the old Atari 2600 console that is similiar in game play is Kaboom. This is one of Steve Bjork's earliest Coco games. There are two rather unique features about this game: it keeps track of high scores SEPARATELY for each level of play, and it has a little text message hidden in the game... it says "HI FROM STEVE".

Title: Popcorn

Author: Steve Bjork (Datasoft)

Publisher: Radio Shack/Tandy

Released: 1981

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 4K RAM, cartridge, joystick.

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