Photon intro screen 1 Photon intro screen 2
Photon Intro screens 1 and 2
Photon intro screen 3. Photon death screen
Photon intro screen 3, and death screen. This same character taunts you between every death, too.

The following level screenshots are based on the original layout of the maze pieces; of course, you can (and must) move them around to solve the level). Later level screenshots will come later.

Photon level 1 screen Photon level 2 screen
Photon level's 1 and 2.
Photon level 3 screen Photon level 4 screen
Photon level's 3 and 4.
Photon level 5 screen Photon level 6 screen
Photon level's 5 and 6.
Photon level 7 screen Photon level 8 screen
Photon level's 7 and 8.
Photon level 9 screen Photon level 10 screen
Photon level's 9 and 10.
Photon level 11 screen Photon level 12 screen
Photon level's 11 and 12.
Photon level 13 screen Photon level 14 screen
Photon level's 13 and 14.
Photon level 15 screen
Photon level 15.

Photon is original arcade/strategy game, and one of the best for the Coco 3. It features 4 voice background music (several different tunes, depending on which level you are on), speech, very smooth (60 frames/second) graphics, great gameplay and 62 different levels (63 if you include the final showdown with the evil boss, Ludevide). You can start on any of the first 15, and they progressivley get harder and harder. Basically, you have mazes of objects that you can push or pull (but only 1 square at a time, and only if they are not blocked by something else), and several types of creatures roaming around. DUPEs are the colored circles... they can cause a lot of damage before they are destroyed, and are mindless... they just follow the paths in the maze (which you can change by moving objects around). Plasma Droids are the pulsating purple things, and they try to track you down and kill you... but they run away from DUPEs, as they can get destroyed by them even faster than you can be destroyed by them. There are other things to find, like power bars (free lives), time stop bombs, etc. You have to get to the exit to the next level, and sit on it for a few seconds to descend, during which time you can not move, but can be attacked. In between screens, you get some text describing the level (or daring you on things), and each time you die, the master enemy (Ludevide, and anagram for Evil Dude) taunts you with actual speech while he flies around the screen (you can see him on the death screen, where he laughs at you when you die for the last time). You also can take some damage (see the damage bar) before you actually lose a life.
The game docs (and advertisements) for Photon mentioned how addictive the game is, and they are right. The game itself has been ported to the PC at least twice; an official version by Sundog, and a compiled basic version that is shareware. The shareware version isn't as good as the Coco original though... the music is missing, and the game play isn't as smooth.

Title: Photon

Author: Jeff Steidl (Produced by Glen Dahlgren)

Publisher: Sundog Systems

Released: 1991

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, disk only, joystick.

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