Chuckie Egg

Chuckie Egg intro screen #1 Chuckie Egg intro screen #2
Chuckie Egg intro screens 1&2
Chuckie Egg intro screen #3

Chuckie Egg intro screen 3
Chuckie Egg level 1 Chuckie Egg level 2
Chuckie Egg level 1&2 game screens
Chuckie Egg level 3 Chuckie Egg level 4
Chuckie Egg level 3&4 game screens
Chuckie Egg level 5 Chuckie Egg level 6
Chuckie Egg level 5&6 game screens

Chuckie Egg is an arcade game that was very popular in the UK, and was cross platform (initially to the Dragon 32, ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro. Later it was also ported to the Coco 1/2/3, Commodore 64, Acorn Electron, Atari 8 and 16 bit, Amiga, IBM PC, and several others). Controlled by the keyboard, you have run, jump and climb ladders in order to gather eggs (12 per level), as well as bonus for piles of seeds (which will get eaten by the hens if you don't get to them first). You have to complete 8 levels of this, and then you go through the same 8 rounds again, with no hens... but the giant duck that you see trapped in the cage during your first 8 rounds is opened and he flies around trying to stop you. The game features some music, cool transitions, a top 10 score list with initials, and up to 4 players (taking turns).

Title: Chuckie Egg

Author: Mike Webb (Coco port by Stephen J. Woolham). Original design (Spectrum) by Nigel Alderton.

Publisher: A & F Software

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 32K RAM, cassette or disk.

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