Gantelet intro screen #1 Gantelet intro screen #2
Gantelet intro screens 1 and 2
Gantelet intro screen #3 Gantelet intro screen #4
Gantelet intro screens 3 and 4

Gantelet game screen

Gantelet intro and game screen

Gantelet is a clone of the arcade hit Gauntlet. The game has 15 levels of Dungeons&Dragons style dungeon levels to go through, where you have to collect treasures, defeat monsters and navigate maze like levels. The game is unique in that it allows up to 3 players simultaneously (the original arcade game allowed 4)... by using both joysticks and the keyboard at the same time. In the game, you have to keep up your health (by eating food), collect keys to unlock doors, and generally have to help each other (the game is cooperative with multiplayers) to progress through the levels. You also can gather potions, used to kill whole screens of monsters, as well as the Death monsters, which are otherwise pretty well indestructable. If you have the Sound/Speech cartridge, the game talks, telling you similiar things that the original arcade version did.

Title: Gantelet

Author: Dave Dies

Publisher: Diecom Products

Released: 1986

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 64K RAM tape or disk, joystick optional.

Download GANTELET.ZIP (contains GANTELET.BIN and GANTPRT2.BIN). Type LOADM "GANTELET" and then EXEC to run (it will automatically load GANTPRT2). NOTE: This hacked version actually adds a few features: first, it adds support for the Coco 3 double speed POKE, which greatly increases the playability of the game when playing on a Coco 3, and 2, you can select how much health you want to start with.

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