Droppack intro screen Droppack game screen
Droppack intro & game screens

Droppack at first looks like a nice, artifacted color version of the worldwide hit video game, Tetris. The ultimate goal (completing horizontal lines of blocks across the playfield), while rotating the various shapes and dropping them to the bottom, is the same as the arcade smash. However, there is one big difference in the gameplay that makes it different (and harder, at least for me)... instead of your pieces falling from the top, and your moving them left and right to adjust their position, in Droppack, the pieces come in from the top left of the screen entranceway. While you can rotate the pieces, you cannot move them left to right; you can only drop them straight down as far as they can go (if they hit the right hand side, they drop down immediately). This immediately makes the gameplay mechanic quite a bit different. To help compensate for this added difficulty, you can push the joystick up to pause the block so that you strategize, and try to gauge where it will fall to line it up.

Title: Droppack

Author: Mike Moore

Publisher: T&D Software #93

Released: March 1990

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 16K RAM, cassette or disk, joystick.

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