Android Attack (formerly Robot Battle)

Android Attack Intro screenOriginal Robot Battle Intro screen
Intro screens... the revised, final version on the left, and the original release on the right
Android Attack game screen

Android Attack is a clone of the arcade game Berzerk. It was originally released as 'Robot Battle' as a 16K game; it was updated to 'Android Attack' when it was re-released in a dual 16K/32K version (this may have also been because of Radio Shack releasing a completely different game called Color Robot Battle, done by the Image Producers, in late 1981/early 1982). The 32K version added some speech to the game, similiar to the original arcade version. Unfortunately, to be able to put several sequences of words into a very small memory space, the sampling rate was quite low, giving the computer a decidedly Elmer Fuddish lisp (example: 'Intruder Alert' sounds more like 'Intwuder Awert'). Still, one of the very first (Skiing preceded it) Coco game to contain speech without needing additional hardware.

An interesting twist compared to the original arcade version: while there is no Evil Otto character that comes after you if you wait in a room too long, this version does cause the robots to leave deadly debris behind after you kill them. If you leave the debris too long before exiting a room, it will turn into a ghost, which can travel through walls, which you will have to kill again. There are also treasures to pick up, which don't exist in the original arcade verison. As well, you can duck and jump to dodge the Android's bullets, unlike the original arcade.

Title: Android Attack (originally called Robot Battle)

Author: ??? Unknown

Publisher: Spectral Associates

Released: Early 1982 (original 16K Robot Battle), 1982 (32k speech version)

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM (non-speech) or 32K RAM (speech), tape or disk, joystick.

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