Crazy Painter

Crazy Painter Intro screen #1 Crazy Painter Intro screen #2
Crazy Painter Intro screens.
Crazy Painter Level 1 Crazy Painter Level 4
Crazy Painter game screens - level 1 and level 4.
Crazy Painter Level 8
Crazy Painter Game Screen

Crazy Painter is an original game, as far as I know, although it may have been available for the TRS-80 Model I/III machines as well, given the parent company. The object of the game is to paint in the whole screen, and then hit the joystick button (or <Spacebar>) when you are done to proceed to the next level. If you run out of paint, you have to run down to the lower left of the screen to grab another can. There are also many monsters and obstacles that can do a variety of things; wipe out painted areas of the screen you have already done (thus requiring you to repaint them), killing you outright, wiping out your current can of paint, etc. The game also speeds up each level as you go through them; it is probably 3 times faster by level 8 as it is when you start level 1 (everything speeds up, including yourself). The closest game I can think of to this concept would be Qix, in that you have fill in the screen and dodge monsters, but it is different enough to be an original game in it's own right.

Title: Crazy Painter

Author: Charles Guy

Publisher: The Cornsoft Group

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, cassette or disk, joystick optional.

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