Pac Droids

Pac Droids intro screen Pac Droids game screen
Pac Droids intro and game screen.

Pac Droids is one of the most innovative "Pac" style games for any platform. Like most Pacman clones, you navigate a maze eating dots, but unlike others, their are mines, and you can shoot your opponents. The mazes are a lot smaller than most Pac games too. It also has a twist when you eat the power pellets (Grabber by Mike Hughey also used a version of this feature)... you can only run over your opponents (when energized) that are red... The blue saucer will ALWAYS destroy you on contact. On the other hand, if you shoot (you have 3 shots to start), you will destroy everything in the direction you fire until it hits a wall; this includes, dots, energizers, the mines they lay out for you, and all of your opponents. Another rather unique aspect of the game is that it allowed up to 4 players to take turns (unlike the usual 2). I believe that this was Charles Forsythe's first major arcade release... it pre-dated Ninja Warrior.

It should be noted that the introduction and game selection screen will not work properly on a Coco 3 (it uses an unsupported Semi-graphics mode), but the main gameplay itself will.

Title: Pac Droids

Author: Charles Forsythe

Publisher: The Programmer's Guild

Released: November 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3 (3 for game only; credits/intro screen will not display properly), 16K RAM, tape or disk, joystick.

Download PACDROID.BIN. Type LOADM "PACDROID" and then EXEC to run.

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