Escape From Tut's Tomb

Escape From Tut's Tomb intro screen Escape From Tut's Tomb screen #1
Escape From Tut's Tomb intro and screen #1

Escape From Tut's Tomb is a machine language game that was published in the July and August 1988 issues of Rainbow Magazine, and is loosely based on the arcade hit Tutankham, where one wanders through stone line chambers gathering treasure and shooting monsters that are after you (and are spawned from monster generators). You can move in all 4 directions, but can only shoot left and right, which makes it a challenge. The game is divided into 3 programs, each with 5 screens, but you have to go through them in order (you can't load the 2nd program and start on screen #6, for example). It's one of the better magazine type in games to have come out for the Coco.

Title: Escape From Tut's Tomb

Author: Chris McKernan

Publisher: Rainbow Magazine, July & August 1988 issues

Released: 1988

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 32K RAM, Extended BASIC, Joystick.

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