Cuthbert Goes Digging

Cuthbert Goes Digging intro screen Cuthbert Goes Digging game screen

Note: The intro screenshot is from a licensed to Tandy version (I believe Australian?)

Cuthbert Goes Digging was a Space Panic clone that was originally programmed for the Dragon 32/64 Systems from England (near Coco 1/2 clones, but with some better default hardware). Microdeal Cornwall also sold other games, including some ports from Coco 1/2 games from the U.S., all with 'Cuthbert' as part of the game title, as well as some of their own.

Title: Cuthbert Goes Digging

Author: Steve Bak

Publisher: Microdeal Cornwall

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM casette or 32K disk.

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