Neutroid 2.015

Neutroid 2.015 intro screen Neutroid 2.015 game
Neutroid 2.015 intro and game screens.

Neutroid 2.015 is an updated version of Nick Marentes first Coco game (itself based on his earlier TRS-80 Model I game). The original version used a semigraphics mode not available on the Coco 3, and while there is a cheat that allowed most of the graphics to show up on the Coco 3 (it involves changing a GIME setting as to how many scanlines each character uses on the screen), this does not allow actual text to show up, so your score would not show. Nick updated the game in 2015 to draw the score with graphics characters (rather than text), so this updated version now runs on all 3 versions of the Coco.
In the game, you must control the actions of a newly discovered atomic particle (see the manual for details).

Title: Neutroid 2.015

Author: Nick Marentes

Publisher: Nick Marentes

Released: 2015

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 16K RAM, disk drive (will run on cassette system), joystick.

Download NEUT2015.ZIP (Contains NEUT2015.DSK image). Type LOADM "NEUTROID" and EXEC to run.

Download the manual.

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