Gantelet II

Gantelet II intro screen #1 Gantelet II intro screen #2
Gantelet II intro screens

Gantelet II Level I game screen Gantelet II Level 2 game screen
Gantelet II level 1 and 2 game screens

Gantelet II level 8 game screen (includes sample of new potions)

Gantelet II is a clone of the arcade hit Gauntlet II, and is a sequel to Gantelet. The game has multiple levels of Dungeons&Dragons style dungeon levels to go through, where you have to collect treasures, defeat monsters and navigate maze like levels. This game pushed the multi-player boundary on the Coco 3 even more than the original version did; it allowed up to 4 players simultaneously (2 on the joysticks, and 2 crammed on the left and right sides of the keybaord). This made playing quite crammed, but it could be done (the original arcade game had four sets of joystick controls). Thus you had 4 characters you could choose from: Elf, Wizard, Valkyrie and Warrior. In the game, you have to keep up your health (by eating food), collect keys to unlock doors, and generally have to help each other (the game is cooperative with multiplayer) to progress through the levels. You also can gather potions, used to kill whole screens of monsters,as well as the Death monsters, which are otherwise pretty well indestructable. Besides having much improved graphics on the Coco 3 (very close to the arcade), it also had digitized sound from the original game... just missing the speech and music of the original arcade version. The arcade version itself added many new features, which are included in the Coco 3 version: the 'IT' monster, which tags a player so that all monsters go after them, and not the other players; potions with specific powers, like increasing your speed, shot strength, etc.; teleportation squares, movable walls, and many others. One of the best Coco 3 ports of an arcade game, and one of the best arcade games as well.

It is interesting to note that when Diecom Products first started advertising the game in Rainbow magazine, it showed a plain black background (just the walls and characters were visible). By the time it got released, it had the full floor graphics shown in the above screenshots (and in the original arcade game).

Title: Gantelet II

Author: Roland Knight, level design and graphics by Dave Dies

Publisher: Diecom Products

Released: 1988

Requires: Color Computer 3 ONLY, 128K RAM, disk ONLY, joystick optional (2 button joystick recommended).

Download GANTELET2.ZIP (Contains both GANTELET2 .DSK images). Type LOADM "GANTELET" and then EXEC to run (off the first DSK image).

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