Juno intro screen (hacked) Game screen #1
Intro screen & game screen #1
Juno game screen #2 Game screen #3 (hacked)
Game screens 2 & #3 (hacked)

The above screenshots are from a hacked version of the game. If anyone has an unhacked version, please email me.

Juno is a clone of the Konami arcade game Juno First, which was released in 1983. Featuring 16 levels of high speed play, and a training mode, the game is a Space Invaders type of game, but with a 3D look and other extra features. Aliens and ships will fly up above the horizon line, and eventually come down, where they start shooting at you (and you shoot at them - your shots don't go above the horizon line either, so it's kind of a "safe" zone for both sides). The player is not only able to move left and right (and fire, of course), but they can also vary their speed in both forward and backwards directions, which helps the player dodge and line up shots against the aliens (and their bullets, which can be shot down). Different alien ships have different capabilities in mobility and firing capability. You occasionally get a special ship that will release a white alien. If you can run into this alien, you get some seconds where you will get a lot more points than normal killing your opponents. You also have a timer that you have to complete each level within; if you fail you lose a ship. Between levels you get up to 2 waves of "bonus" aliens (in two distinct convoy formations) that you kill with a special timer running; if you kill off the entire wave without dying or letting them escape past the horizon line, you will get bonus points (200 per second left on the timer if you kill the entire first wave, 100 per second left on the timer if you kill the entire second wave).

This is definitely a button masher; you can have up to 4 shots on the screen at once, but there is no rapid fire. You also have a "hyperspace" option, where you will disappear for a few seconds and then appear at a random horizontal spot. There is also a high score table that holds up to 10 of your highest scores for a session, with some scores built in.

Title: Juno

Author: ?

Publisher: Federal Hill Software

Released: Early 1985

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, joystick optional.

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