PacDude Monster Maze

PacDude intro screen #1 PacDude intro screen #2
PacDude Monster Maze intro screens.
PacDude Monster Maze game screen

PacDude Monster Maze game screen.

PacDude Monster Maze is a clone of the arcade game Pac-Mania, which is a 3 dimensional version of the arcade smash Pac-Man. It features a much larger maze, more monsters, 3-dimensional play, background music, and hardware vertical and horizontal scrolling. It also adds the ability to jump over the ghosts (although, in later levels, the ghosts gain this ability too). It is also one of the few games for the Coco 3 that required 512K to run. This was one of the most impressive Coco 3 games out at the time of it's release.

It should be noted that Brian has also released the source code for the game, which can be found on Chris Spry's PacDude2 page.

Title: PacDude Monster Maze

Author: Brian O'Neill (music by Chris Spry)

Publisher: Brian O'Neill

Released: 1992

Requires: Color Computer 3 only, 512K RAM, joystick.

Download PACDUDE2.BIN.

Download the source code (

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